• Artist/Band:

    Rootsriders (Bob Marley Tribute)

  • Date:

    Sunday, 25 June 2023

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Rootsriders (Bob Marley Tribute)

1973 was the year of the international breakthrough of Bob Marley, the undisputed king of Reggae, with the album Catch A Fire. With his sultry and uplifting rhythms, his socially engaged lyrics and a message of universal love, Bob Marley and his backing band The Wailers quickly became one of the biggest musical sensations of that decade. Far too young, he was only 36, he died in 1981 from cancer, nevertheless leaving behind a very large and impressive catalog of music.

Rootsriders, one of the most famous Bob Marley tribute bands in the world for years, are putting this iconic album in the spotlight, 50 years after that breakthrough, with which the band shows once again why they have become "the best Marley tribute band in the world” (according to BBC Radio).

Rootsriders were once formed to commemorate Bob Marley's 25 years since his passing and the band has become a highly appreciated fixture on the Dutch live music scene ever since.

At the beginning of 2022, the band reached the finals of a new TV contest by the creators of The Voice.